Institutional Capital and Ventures


Private Investors Contribution Round

Whitelisted Presale Through Promotion

Private Presale -> 100 whitelist spots ePromotion / Lottery

First Come First Served

500.000 tokens + balance from previous sales

$GRTD Presale Rounds


  1. SEED1 Month Cliff – Linear over 12 Months – $0.75 – (Filled)
  2. Private – 1 Month Cliff – Linear over 12 Months – $0.80 – (Filled)
  3. Private Whitelisted – No Cliff – Linear over 10 Months – $0.85*
  4. FCFS -No Cliff – Linear over 10 Months – $0.9*
  5. Public Sale$1 – Fair launch

    *Round 3 contributors will receive an airdrop – +10%

$GRTD Action Plan

CEX launch + dev progression


1) Promotion of GRTD:

  • Announcements in our social media
  • AMA session with our community to increase their trust and interest in $GRTD

2) Complement DEX with Exchange options using 25% of liquidity to trade in first USDT market to sell tokens, achieve exposure to diverse markets.

  • USDT is the best option for the first market, because it’s stable and it’ll be much easier to build an attractive trading environment.

3) Creation of an attractive trading environment:

  • low spread (<1%)
  • filled orderbook — many orders on buy/sell
  • normal-high volumes
  • active trading chart — price action shapes, patterns, entry points for traders
  • 0% fees for exchange community (2 weeks)

All these will help us bringing new users to GRTD and increase organic liquidity immediately.

4) Conduction of a Trading Competition, to engage more traders and much more increase organic trades.

  • Users will compete, who will generate the biggest profic on $GRTD trades. Users can get profit on spot trading only when the price of asset growth. So, they will push the price of your token UP.

5) Run the SMART-staking, 2 plans.

  • This way we’ll engage non-active traders, crypto-enthusiasts to buy $GRTD and hold it.
  • Its’s perfect, we solve 2 tasks:
    • Increase number of token-holders
    • Prevent price-dumps