The GRTD-Gratitude Project: Why?

We asked ourselves a really simple question in the beginning of this journey: How could we use cryptocurrency to really make the difference? How could we make our mission a success?

We’re passionate about using crypto to change the world and strongly believe that the Gratitude road map would make the difference.

Gratitude is the closest we’re going to be to massively change the world for the better!

GRTD Stake & Liquidity.
Get GRTD tokens for holding or providing liquidity

This feature will provide holders with a daily bonus it will also provide adopters with the possibility of providing Liquidity depositing the LP tokens in the contract (Gratitude Stake & Liquidity is based on Uniswap Smart Contracts, licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0).

  • Holders as well as Liquidity Providers get revenue for every trade.
  • Liquidity providers can add funds to the exchange in any pair of Token/Token or Ether/Token.
    • LP receives a token representing the pair added to the DEX.
    • LP can deposit this pair of tokens in a pool to get rewards (like UNI in Uniswap)

When traders use the platform to exchange, then the contract sends a fee to:

      • Holders
      • Liquidity providers

GRTD will make good use of Blockchain’s best intrinsic features: immutability.

Crypto-wills are here to stay and solve a fundamental problem: what will happen to digital assets when holders die? Currently, millions of dollars are lost on a yearly basis because of death or lost of private keys. A Smart Contract can be helpful in those cases to handle your most precious assets.

Will & Legacy Contract could also be used to lock assets long term and see them grow over the years, avoiding trading temptations and benefiting from long term growth. Will & Legacy Contracts will also allow testators to easily define beneficiary accounts in a Smart Contract.

  • Contract creator will add:
    • A testator account.
    • Beneficiary accounts and the percentage for each recipient.
    • The contract creator defines the time of expiration for the contract.
    • The contract creator defines “keep-alive” milestones.
    • The contract auto-liquidates the funds sending the corresponding funds to each beneficiary account the expiration date or if there’s no “keep alive” call

Based on Gnosis MultiSignWallet

Multisig wallets (based on Gnosis MultiSignWallet), which is a verified smart contract currently storing millions of USD in Ethers are an outstanding solution for companies, institutions, families and couples to handle funds securely.

  • Funds point of failure resistance: some account holders can recover the funds if one or more members lose their keys
  • Security: If owners set a minimum percentage for a withdrawal, then funds will be transferred only when a pre-defined consensus is reached
  • Contract creators will define:
    • Some initial owners.
    • The minimum required confirmations from owners.
    • The optional daily limit for transferring funds.
  • Trusted members of the Multisig wallet send Ethers to the fund.
  • Members can be removed, replaced, or added.
  • Creators of transactions can define a set amount of approvals needed for a transaction to go ahead.
  • Members can create and execute transactions upon approval.

A crypto crowdfunding campaign and social media platform for NGO’s to list projects

  • NGO Safe Crowdfunding will allow organisations to easily create safe crowdfunding landing/profile platform to receive donations on a per-project basis.
  • NGO Safe Crowdfunding locks funds for a determined time until the soft cap is reached, it will also:
    • Earn interest on hold funds.
    • Allow contributors to withdraw funds (minus fees) should they feel unsure about the project they were backing.
    • Set minimum contributions (defined by the contract owner).
    • Spend funds by request: Request to spend the funds must be approved by contributors.
    • The owner can define the percentage of approvers required to release a request to release funds.

Limitless Applications
Highly adaptable and scalable

  • Key in industries with tips like hospitality.
  • Altruistic donations to, for example, street artists, who could include their QR code in their murals.
  • Sport events
  • Any type of fundraisings
  • Help the homeless (in person or anonymously)
  • Charities and non-profit organisations willing to passively raise funds

Embedded in social media profiles like facebook or Tik tok

Great alternative when one doesn’t want to fully buy services but appreciates the person offering them or the concept.

Embedded altruism
Instant Private Transaction = Reliable & Low Cost

The GRTD-Gratitude Team will dedicate a high percentage of revenues funding projects around the world. Gratitude is a decentralized autonomous organization that cooperates according to transparent rules encoded on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the need for a centralized, administrative entity. Gratitude’s long time goal is to fundraise, manage financial operations, and decentralize governance to the community, promoting thankfulness and gratitude in the world.

But don’t get us wrong, although this project is all about to get millions of people to be thankful to one another, we are developing a fully working business-oriented platform and our token will rise in value.

  • Token Symbol GRTD
  • Specifications ETH & BSC tokens
  • Token CEX Listing To be announced
  • BSC+UNI Starts To be announced
  • Token Listing Price $0.01 USD


  • Total Supply 100.000.000
  • Burns & Rewards 7.000.000
  • Daily Bonus 18.000.000
  • Marketing & Giveaways 25.000.000
  • Uniswap + CEX liquidity 25.000.000
  • Initial Burn 25.000.000

ERC-20 Token Allocation

7% Burns & Rewards
18% Daily Bonus & Gratitude
25% DEX + CEX Liquidity
25% Initial Marketing + Giveaway
25% Initial Burn

BEP-20 #BSC Token Allocation

70% Locked Liquidity
20% Tech & Development
10% Promotion

We’ll be running a dual Ethereum-based + Binance Smart Chain $GRTD system initially offering Uniswap and PancakeSwap as well as other BSC based platforms for users who prefer this over Ethereum gas-charging platforms.

A BSC – ERC20 bridge will be created and Tokens will be burnt and locked according to our Tokenomics.

Gratitude Explained

How it Works

Road Map

2021 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2021Q2 & Q3
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
  • White paper completion
2022 Q1
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Coding
2021 Q2
  • Code tested, Web fully working & Seed funding raised
2021 Q3
Alpha Test
  • In-house testing of functional
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum blockchain with real-time scanning
2022 Q1
Fair Launch
  • Burn BEP20+ERC20 tokens to adjust tokenomics
  • Open global sales of GRTD - CEX
2021 Q2
GRTD BSC & Liquidity
  • Binance Smart Chain token launch
  • Liquidity Added and Locked
  • BSC <-> ERC20 Bridge
2021 Q3
Crowdfunding Integration
  • Smart contracts support creators
  • Ethereum tokens support
2021 Q4
Multisig Wallets
  • Establishing global user base
  • Marketing campaign
2022 Q1
Will & Legacy Smart Contracts
  • Contract implementation and promotion
  • Marketplace cooperative module
2022 Q2
More Operational
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module
GRTD, an ethereum token to change the world for the better.


$GRTD has one CEX exchange listing arranged already and will be listing in two more exchanges soon after launch. PancakeSwap & Uniswap listing right after launch as well.


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Our philosophy
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The Team

Joseph Pisicuta – Co-Founder, CTO & Lead Blockchain London – UK email

Ellie Meadows – Co-Founder, Blockchain App Developer & I+D – North Ireland email


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